distancing day 1.8 thoughts:

Listen. I am downstairs writing my blog post from my computer for the first time ever while I eat ice cream and think in run on sentences because that is just the kind of day that I have had. The first day back to school after Spring Break is always difficult but it is extra difficult when the pupils have gotten it into their precious minds that Spring Break is two weeks long. Spring Break is not two weeks long and we homeschool so we did not even really need it.

We spent some time today reviewing sentence structure and language mechanics and inadvertently revealed that a Bachelor of Science in Arts, Philosophy, and Literature from 16 years ago to a mediocre at best student is about as qualifying to teach this stuff as a degree in chimpanzee wearing a tutu. I shamefully had to look at the answer key for the 4th/5th grade mechanics at least 3 times. I am still convinced that its Washington COMMA D.C. and I do not give a flip what the book says.

I love these children with every limb and fiber of my being and this homeschool adventure has been cool, but BYEEEEEEE next year. Bye. ByE. BYE. bYe. Bye. The people who have a degree in this and buckets more patience need to take over for me. We have another 2 months of homeschool and I am not going to be sorry to be about that summer break life the second the first packer walks into our house.

Marian has an orthodontist appointment on Wednesday to talk about having some teefers pulled. Apparently she does not have a very big mouth. McScuse me? Have you heard her scream when she is mad? I guess one of her big girl teeth is as big as 3 of her baby teeth and that math doesn’t jive. We may have to get some teeth out to make room for the new ones. Jack seemed to have this same problem when he was a wee thing and they all came in just fine. He could currently eat corn off a cob through a fence cause they’re all jumbled up in there, but, thankfully, we can wait until we arrive in Kansas before we gotta start him on his braces journey.


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