distancing day 1.12 thoughts:

Jerry and I are at a marriage retreat at the Hotel Elegante. We’ve seen at least 4000 commercials for the Hotel Elegante and driven by it every Sunday since we moved here, but we’ve never been inside.

Laurel fell asleep before her siblings and they were not niiiii (as baby Laurel used to say), but funny as Hell. The Drewlings are ready for sleep over shenanigans in Junior High/High School. Behold:

They made my precious baby look like the villain in a black and white film. And I cannot stop laughing. We know that at least that one is a hard sleeper like her Momma.

We are looking forward to more class time, indoor pool time, and date night tomorrow. Though our date night might be me writing because I got 2 new Fiverr orders that have short suspenses. Oh well, all time together is time well spent- even if he just has to look at the back of my head all night.


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