distancing day 1.13 thoughts:

The retreat has been fun so far and the kids got to swim a bit, but it was very cold and little Laurel didn’t have the baby fat to insulate her. She needed several water breaks. I didn’t hate the snuggles though.

Jerry and I ran home this morning where I secured my own pillow and face wash. The pillow is partially because the pillows at this hotel are about as thick as a paper dinner napkin and partially because I woke up with an allergic reaction on my face. The face wash is because of the allergic reaction and the fact that hotel soap may as well be rubbing alcohol. When I got up, my whole face felt like I had a terrible sunburn. My pasty ass skin with zero redness or indication that I’ve seen so much as a fluorescent lightbulb leads me to believe it was not a sunburn. And because, ya know, I haven’t been outside. Still, my face hurt so badly that I wasn’t risking putting it back on the pillows or touching it with hotel soap. I might be the kind of person that always travels with their own pillow now.

Remains to be seen, I suppose.


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