distancing day 1.16 thoughts:

I’m trying to relax in the bathtub and my kids are wrestling outside in the hallway. I think it’s like fun evening activity wrestling and not non-consensual DDT off the ropes wrestling, but I’m naked so I’m not getting out to ask questions.

Today I did some writing and some errand running. Nothing too exciting. The kids made animals out of horseshoes today. Clara made a turtle and Jack made a horseshoe crab. Every time he talked about it he giggled. It took me a second but then I giggled too.

I used a new bath bomb in the tub that was apparently made by Crisco because I’m going to have to wash myself with Dawn dish soap like ducks after an oil spill when I get out, otherwise I might slide out the bed today and out of every chair I sit in tomorrow. I love a good bath bomb, but this is not a good bath bomb.

Tonight Winnie climbed all 40lbs of herself in my lap and took little delicate bites off the backside of my chicken salad sandwich while I ate off the front. I think that pretty much sums up life as the mom of 4 and a cat and a dog with a future cholesterol problem.


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