distancing day 1.19 thoughts:

Yesterday we took the kids to Skate City for the first time since the pandemic started. The Homeschoolers of Colorado Springs had rented the place and I promised the kids we would go. Nobody, and I mean nobody else, was wearing a mask but I made my kids do it. I guess that’s what kinda mom I am now. I feel ok with it. Anyway, they did a sorta last call song which was “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. My kids went to skate and my bladder that has supported 40 months of children growing took that as her cue to ask to be emptied. The bathroom didn’t have an air dryer or paper towels at the time so I decided to shake my hands dry. I came out of the bathroom right as the chorus “shake it like a Polaroid pictureeeee” was blasting over the speakers. From an outsider perspective, it probably did look like I was shaking my hands as a dance move and not in an effort to dry them from my 20+ seconds of vigorous scrubbing. I mistakingly made eye contact with another mom and she started shaking her hands back at me and doing a little jive type move with the rest of her body, so I did what any polite Southerner in an awkward situation would do and picked up the beat and shook my hands harder and jived right back at her. For a brief moment of my 37 Earth side years I was in a 50s musical.

It was as weird and embarrassing as it sounds. On the plus side, I was getting super bored of my other horrifying core memories that keep me up at 3am and least I get a new one.


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