distancing day 1.22 thoughts:

Today is the last day I’ll be doing a daily update. As a consolation prize or reward or something: here’s a little sneak of the project I’ve been working on:

It will *hopefully* be published by the end of the week assuming I’m not death warmed over tomorrow from my second vaccine today. I’ll include in excerpt just to keep your interest piqued.

“The best place to start when considering schools is to ask yourself what is most important about your kids’ education. I have zero scientific data on this, but if you ask 10 people if they like a school, 5 will love it more than life itself and 5 will think that the Devil incarnate is the Principal. Every now and again someone will tell you that they feel meh about it, but school opinions are rarely middle of the road. Think of school reviews like reviews of Taco Bell. People either found hairs in their Chalupa and are giving it zero stars or it’s the perfect food when you’re craving cheese- five stars forever. Not too many people are heading to Yelp to say “gave me diarrhea but it’s cheap”- three stars. What you want out of a school is going to be more important than random people’s opinions about a school. If you have a trusted friend that has similar concerns, that’s a different story.”

You may have guessed it’s a book full of moving tips and anecdotes about things we’ve had happen to us during our moves. And, yes, there is a TL:DR/BLUF section for those who just want the meat and potatoes.


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