distancing day 152 thoughts:

Also known as the day I took 3 of my kids to get shots alone thoughts. Today is probably just going to be a recap of the traveling circus that is my family. For starters, I made the 9am appointment because I like to hit the doctor’s office before they have a chance to getContinue reading “distancing day 152 thoughts:”

distancing day 151 thoughts:

1. It me, the lady with 29 children and PCOS. Welcome. And, yep, that’s the definitive diagnosis. I feel oddly vindicated. If you’re an avid reader of this here page of ramblings, then you know I have been telling my Drs for years and years and years that I have PCOS. Every doctor I’ve toldContinue reading “distancing day 151 thoughts:”

distancing day 150 thoughts:

Language warning tonight. I can’t be bothered to care. 1. Colorado and I are going to fight. It was 9 freaking 5 today. There was no breeze and I think the sun itself was having a less miserable day. I like heat but it’s like the middle of August… can we not? Also, my kidsContinue reading “distancing day 150 thoughts:”

distancing day 149 thoughts:

1. The kids and I skeedaddled over to Dollar Tree this morning and made it rain Washingtons. I don’t even know what all it is that we got, but I can think of few better places to go to shop when you just want to be not at your house. I got a dollar (item),Continue reading “distancing day 149 thoughts:”

distancing day 148 thoughts:

You ever hear the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Well, if I did that today this blog would be over, so please forgive me for my indiscretions. 1. Today started out with a very fun hike with some fun gals. About half way in to ourContinue reading “distancing day 148 thoughts:”