distancing day 226 thoughts:

I don’t know who slept with a cold spoon under your pillow last night, but I thank you. Jerry ended up having a snow day today and even thought it was a telework day, it was nice to have him here as a bridge to normal life. The morning was slow to pick up andContinue reading “distancing day 226 thoughts:”

distancing day 225 thoughts:

It’s the day before we get back to life as usual and that means it’s the day that we must do all the things. The snow started much earlier than it was supposed to this morning and it didn’t make me as grumpy as I anticipated that it would. I wish we could have spentContinue reading “distancing day 225 thoughts:”

distancing day 224 thoughts:

I love car captivity. The kids can’t fight too much. I am forced to sit down and do nothing. We eat fast food crap for every meal which is the beeeessst until I turn into a salty bloated turnip and just start drinking water and planning a long bath with epsom salt to hopefully drawContinue reading “distancing day 224 thoughts:”

distancing day 222 thoughts:

We go home tomorrow. I don’t wanna go home and not just because apparently Colorado is on fire. Jerry and I went to Pittsburgh yesterday for an overnight date. I’m pretty sure that was the first overnight date we’ve had in almost 11 years (since Jack was born). We had a blast just walking aroundContinue reading “distancing day 222 thoughts:”