distancing day 105 thoughts:

1. Welp. The EU decided that Americans aren’t allowed to visit because we are doing a piss poor job of controlling COVID. We have had a trip planned to England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland for almost a year and we are were going to go next month. The UK will still let Americans come forContinue reading “distancing day 105 thoughts:”

distancing day 104 thoughts:

1. After the pencil sharpening drama this AM, I completely understand the appeal of the Ticonderoga pencil. I really, really do. Every pencil in our whole house decided to have a graphite malfunction. We had pencil leads falling slap out of sharpened pencils, pencils breaking in half, pencils with erasers chewed off. There were aContinue reading “distancing day 104 thoughts:”

distancing day 103 thoughts:

1. Once a month I have a super heavy work day with a tight deadline. Microsoft updates, as sponsored by Belphegor and Lucifer, likes to force updates every.single.freaking.time. Oh? You needed to work? Lol. LOL. Lollllll. YOU WILL UPDATE AND YOU WILL UPDATE RIGHT NOW. 54 minutes later and I was just getting to startContinue reading “distancing day 103 thoughts:”

distancing day 102 thoughts:

1. Today kicked off at 1211am when the Wee Winnie Winter decided that the 3 cans of food yesterday were not enough and she must eat a 4th can while I stood around in my underwear on the back porch. She is not bothered by squirrels, birds, or rabbits but something SPOOKED her a goodContinue reading “distancing day 102 thoughts:”

distancing day 101 thoughts:

1. I ordered our hybrid homeschool curriculum today. I’ve known what I wanted for a bit, but the price tag was a little hard to swallow. I finally just ordered it today because it has to be done eventually. I wanted to have some time to organize and figure out what we are doing beforeContinue reading “distancing day 101 thoughts:”