how do you halloween?

…or do you halloween? we celebrate, but we don’t go all out.  i might could get behind lightin’ it up around here, but i don’t have energy for all of that. a few years ago, i straight up punted carving pumpkins to my husband.  i am fully in support of festive shit, but carving pumpkinsContinue reading “how do you halloween?”

these are a few of my favorite things…

halloween is in 5 days, but i live in colorado springs and it straight up DNGAF about weather by the calendar so we are having ourselves a proper snow storm til wednesday. since i am stuck in the house sitting by the fire, i am thinking about all the christmas things. and all the thingsContinue reading “these are a few of my favorite things…”

pictures and side hustles and chauffeuring, oh my.

boy, oh boy. i have been busy. i am not even really sure where to start with everything i have been working on, so i will start somewhere and do my best not to SQUIRREL! we had family pictures taken in september. i will use them for our christmas cards so i won’t show allContinue reading “pictures and side hustles and chauffeuring, oh my.”