distancing days 1-5

Distancing Day 5.5 Thoughts: 1. I cleaned for 6 hours today. While my lunch was heating up at 3pm, I sat down to enjoy my clean house. Best 4.2 seconds of my day so far. 2. I broke out the Fabuloso and cleaned like my Abuela was coming over for dinner. I usually like toContinue reading “distancing days 1-5”

do something that scares you

Pretty much the last 3 months of 2019 were a Haunted House. Ok, maybe 4 months. If you’re here, you probably are well aware I started a freelance writing business. The writing morphed out of social media marketing and has further morphed into a touch of graphic design and business coaching. I am also maintainingContinue reading “do something that scares you”

christmas recap

Since we were done opening early, the kids had lots of time to just PLAY. I ignored all of my chores and I played too. I took many many many many many many dolls to the long-overdue mommy hair salon. I beybladed. We built legos and wrote in our new journals and did trivia on the echo dots and just, generally, had a great day of enjoying each other.


As a mom of 4, there is always some body or some thing in a state of upset. I can’t let the environment dictate my mood. I need to let my mood dictate the environment.

So much of that is allowing time for mistakes and loving correction. Chaos begets chaos. I’m a lot of things but I don’t want to be the conductor of the chaos train. I want to be the safe harbor in the storm.