do something that scares you

Pretty much the last 3 months of 2019 were a Haunted House. Ok, maybe 4 months. If you’re here, you probably are well aware I started a freelance writing business. The writing morphed out of social media marketing and has further morphed into a touch of graphic design and business coaching. I am also maintainingContinue reading “do something that scares you”

christmas recap

Since we were done opening early, the kids had lots of time to just PLAY. I ignored all of my chores and I played too. I took many many many many many many dolls to the long-overdue mommy hair salon. I beybladed. We built legos and wrote in our new journals and did trivia on the echo dots and just, generally, had a great day of enjoying each other.


As a mom of 4, there is always some body or some thing in a state of upset. I can’t let the environment dictate my mood. I need to let my mood dictate the environment.

So much of that is allowing time for mistakes and loving correction. Chaos begets chaos. I’m a lot of things but I don’t want to be the conductor of the chaos train. I want to be the safe harbor in the storm.

Mom Boss

Today is an exciting day. Drew on Paper LLC is a thing now, y’all. It’s a thing. I suppose I didn’t neeeeed an LLC, but I am doing some ghostwriting and I’d really like to still be able to send my kids to college and retire one day (can you say that if you haveContinue reading “Mom Boss”