distancing day 115 thoughts:

1. Rompers are NOT for people with long torsos. I look like I’m auditioning for the lead role in Annie Get Your CamelToe. I’m not taking this off though because it’s basically just socially acceptable go around town pajamas. 2. Clara got a case of the Covid sucksies and my entire afternoon went off theContinue reading “distancing day 115 thoughts:”

distancing day 114 thoughts:

1. Tomorrow is our anniversary. Jerry and I both forgot until my mom told the kids on the phone this afternoon. Marian hastily made me a present and I had no idea that’s what she was doing- not even when she asked me how to spell Happy Anniversary! The resulting present was certainly better thanContinue reading “distancing day 114 thoughts:”

distancing day 113 thoughts:

1. Today was a good day filled with bike rides, walks, naps, and lots of fresh air. It looks like there is a storm rolling in now and I don’t hate it. It’s sleeeeeeeping weather!!! Too bad we just started a movie at 645 and we won’t be in bed until at least 830. Gross.Continue reading “distancing day 113 thoughts:”

distancing day 112 thoughts:

1. Today started at 1101pm last night because the dog had the crying jello pudding sharts… again. I let her in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out of the house for hours on end. She finally went out and wanted to stay out around 445. The good news is that I got to watchContinue reading “distancing day 112 thoughts:”

distancing day 111 thoughts:

1. Today was full of naps. Naps for me. Naps for Jerry. Naps for Laurel. Naps for Winnie. Now I want to go to sleep but Laurel is still jacked up to Jesus and that’s not a fine combination. 2. On mine and Winnie’s walk today she stopped and sniffed all the things. We haveContinue reading “distancing day 111 thoughts:”