Ye Olde Chore Bag

This is how cleaning goes at my house: Me: OH MY GAAAAHHHHHH. I can’t take it anymore. We have got to clean up! Kids: (makes noise like they had to watch their dog get thrown in a wood chipper while simultaneously having their butts branded with a hot prod). Me: It’s not hard. We justContinue reading “Ye Olde Chore Bag”


I am going to truly try to be just the facts here, but in the event that I fail miserably… which I probably will: The views in this blog post are mine and mine alone and not representative of Tricare, the Army, the Department of Defense, or anyone else with way better lawyers than IContinue reading “TRICARE SELECT is bae.”

national (love your) red hair day

i can’t believe there is a whole day dedicated to red heads, but if you’ve met marian, you can understand why. i think today is actually for redheads to celebrate themselves, but those of us who love them want to celebrate them too! if you’re lucky enough to have a place for a redhead inContinue reading “national (love your) red hair day”