distancing day 216 thoughts:

Distancing day 216 was a scary day. We’ve all had a cough for the last few weeks. They weren’t productive and we haven’t had any other symptoms so we really didn’t think much of them. The cough has run through the family. Jerry, Clara, and Jack have all had it. Laurel got the cough onContinue reading “distancing day 216 thoughts:”

distancing day 159 thoughts:

1. On days when I say “OMG! It’s only 2pm” it’s not going great. Today I said, “OMG! It’s only 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm” and then I ordered dinner because I was not extending my day out by cooking and cleaning any further than I had to. I have had a headache for like 4Continue reading “distancing day 159 thoughts:”

distancing day 157 thoughts:

1. Why can’t all sheet makers put the little doodad tag that tells you which way is top/bottom? This is 2020 for Pete’s sake. Furthermore, THIS IS 2020 FOR PETE’S SAKE and with EVERYTHING else, it really is the very least the universe could do to make putting a fitted sheet on the bed easy.Continue reading “distancing day 157 thoughts:”

distancing day 146 thoughts:

1. Today was not my favorite day and then I just got a NewsBreak notification that mobile Whataburger is coming to Colorado Springs. I don’t know what mobile Whataburger is and I don’t care what it is but I will be in line in a beekeeper suit made of self-sterilizing silicon to get a WhataburgerContinue reading “distancing day 146 thoughts:”

distancing day 143 thoughts:

This is feeling a little trite at this point (the 143 day point), but I’m still distancing so I’m still writing. 1. I am a self professed Type I person for IDNGAF. And that’s mostly true, but I’m also severely a morning person. If I don’t have most of my tasks for the day wellContinue reading “distancing day 143 thoughts:”