distancing day 339 thoughts:

First of all, Happy Mardi Gras. We did not celebrate beyond jambalaya and King Cake, but imma be real real with you. The King Cake I made is definitely the best King Cake I’ve ever had. Without a doubt. Shout out to the COVID bread baking gods and goddess who got us all out hereContinue reading “distancing day 339 thoughts:”

distancing day 324 thoughts:

School today was more painful than 1000 bee stings (and I’m allergic). Hyperbolic? You and I wish. The kids are standardized testing in March and I need to review material with them before they take the test because they haven’t been working on grade level. Upon informing my children of the review period and whatContinue reading “distancing day 324 thoughts:”

distancing day 311 thoughts:

Jack finished his year worth of math today. It was supposed to take 6 weeks and was a compressed course, but we’ve been working on it since the end of October a little bit at a time. He was very proud. I let him pick dinner tonight and he picked waffles. I felt like IContinue reading “distancing day 311 thoughts:”

distancing day 16/sip day 4 thoughts:

I heard that social distancing got extended to April 30th today. This is fine. Everything is fine. I think that means that my kiddos won’t be going back to school for the remainder of the year. I don’t know how I feel about this- I’m leaning towards really, exceptionally shitty. The one thing that IContinue reading “distancing day 16/sip day 4 thoughts:”