distancing day 186 thoughts:

1. Some days schooling is like magical unicorns. Some days schooling is like magical sandwiches of crap… you just gotta eat it no matter how rough it is going down. Today we all choked down a crap sandwich. All days can’t be winners. Everyone was just a little “off” this morning. They were super distractedContinue reading “distancing day 186 thoughts:”

distancing day 182 thoughts:

I bet you thought I forgot. I did nooooot! I was out to dinner and just got home. 1. Today was a good day. I embraced the body as she is currently and went shopping for new jeans because… dun dun duuuuuun… winter is coming. Or already came. Or is here. Something. I tried onContinue reading “distancing day 182 thoughts:”

distancing day 181 thoughts:

This was a long week. I’m really tired tonight. Not like sleepy tired but like exhausted. There really isn’t much to talk about today. We did school. The kids played LOUDLY. We ate 3 squares. I got my new planner in and I got all my stuff transferred over. I had The Happy Planner andContinue reading “distancing day 181 thoughts:”

distancing day 158 thoughts:

1. I walked 15.5k steps INSIDE MY HOUSE today. Yes. 15 THOUSAND. 15,588 steps to be precise. That’s how many steps I walked every day that we were at Disneyworld in 2018. At least then I was getting to rides and meet characters and stuff. Today was just basic keep 4 kids alive maintenance. ForContinue reading “distancing day 158 thoughts:”