distancing day 110 thoughts:

1. The last two days I have been running on FUMES by the time Jerry gets home from work. Nothing is particularly overwhelming in a day, it’s just like 11 hours of mom, mommy, momma, mom, momma, mommmmyyy, MA!, mom, momma, mommy, mom mom mom MOM, moooooom, mommy, momma, MOM-MUH will wear a person down.Continue reading “distancing day 110 thoughts:”

distancing day 106 thoughts:

1. We unboxed the curriculum today. Yippee Skippee! The big girls actually took an interest in it and they wanted to be the stars of the unboxing videos. (We put them on Facebook in case anyone is interested in what comes in a Moving Beyond the Page 2nd grade or 5th grade curriculum). Mari gotContinue reading “distancing day 106 thoughts:”

distancing day 99 thoughts:

1. Last day of social distancing in the double digits. Tomorrow is our 100 days social distancing gathering with our bubble people. Today, the kids got hair cuts on base and I gave the lady a 40% tip because my kids haven’t had hair cuts in months and it was their first outing into civilizationContinue reading “distancing day 99 thoughts:”

distancing day 92 thoughts:

1. Wee Winnie Winter went on her first hike today! She went 3.1 miles which is hella impressive since the furthest she’s gone before that was 1.5. The views were beautiful too. Colorado gets prettier to me by the day. Even in the stupid winter, the mountain is gorgeous. Winnie may have gotten herself backContinue reading “distancing day 92 thoughts:”

distancing day 88 thoughts:

1. Guess how many more flat tires I had today. If you guessed 2, then you would be correct. Jerry has the motto “you should always wear shoes you can walk in” and days like today are why. This morning we had people working at our house that it would be best if the kidsContinue reading “distancing day 88 thoughts:”