distancing day 257 thoughts:

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our besties house! Maybe the best one yet- COVID be damned. I can say with certainty that it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. The Traeger/grill combo FTW! It was fall off the bone tender. We dug through and got the biggest turkey they had at Costco andContinue reading “distancing day 257 thoughts:”

distancing day 251 thoughts:

Bad news. I’m running out of creative ways to say I cleaned my house and educated my kids and worked out. I actually did not work out today because I decided to eat popcorn and sit on my ass and watch TikTok videos. Self-care doesn’t always look like shoulder day. The rest of the dayContinue reading “distancing day 251 thoughts:”

distancing day 249 thoughts:

I kept everyone alive, fed, and educated today, but that’s it. The day started with me using DelMonte pears instead of weights because I only have 10# weights and I’m not trying rip any tendons or cartilage hulking out. I only accidentally flung the can of pears across the garage once and I’m considering thatContinue reading “distancing day 249 thoughts:”

distancing day 243 thoughts:

Chores – cause it’s a day that ends in y. Mental health was about a 4/10 today. Colorado is locking down again and I find that exhausting. I got a notification that D11 is going back to virtual learning. That’s what I was afraid of when this year started. I was terrified we’d be backContinue reading “distancing day 243 thoughts:”

distancing day 233 thoughts:

Today started with boxing. Weight lifting and boxing are my physical exertion of choice but, ya know, COVID. I had a dream last night that I had a Army green heavy bag. I woke up at 230 thinking how great that would be and then I remembered that I have like 5 heavy bags inContinue reading “distancing day 233 thoughts:”