distancing day 12 thoughts:

1. Welp. I have found the only thing on the Earth that motivates me to do laundry: Being stuck inside my house for 12 days straight with snitches. Omg at the tattling. I finally went upstairs and started sorting/hanging up laundry and told them if they didn’t leave, they had to help. Apparently, snitches doContinue reading “distancing day 12 thoughts:”

distancing day 10 thoughts:

Some of my children may have to be surgically removed from my ass when the distancing is over. I’m glad to provide shelter for them in this emotional storm, but Holy Hell- it’s been a while since I had an audience when I went to the bathroom. I did not miss it. Today has beenContinue reading “distancing day 10 thoughts:”

distancing day 9 thoughts:

Lord Jesus in Heaven. Have I always been this lazy or is this social distancing related? I complain all year that I’m never home to do projects, but now I am home and I don’ wanna. I have been splayed out on my front porch like a lizard for the better part of an afternoon.Continue reading “distancing day 9 thoughts:”

distancing day 8 thoughts:

I am writing you this from my bed because I cannot escape to Walmart or the thrift store for solitude. I would say that it’s probably good because I also cannot spend money, but my behavior on this Walmart app would determine that this is a lie. Win number 1 of today occurred when IContinue reading “distancing day 8 thoughts:”

distancing day 7 thoughts:

Let’s just go ahead and get this next part out of the way so we are all super clear on where I stand. SHIT BALLS FUCK DAMN! Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Dad. The following is in no particular or chronological order. 1. I need the gym. My family needs me to have the gym. I haveContinue reading “distancing day 7 thoughts:”