distancing day 303 thoughts:

I’m going to be honest with you here. I almost forgot to write today. Wouldn’t that be something? I made it 302 days to slap forget to write on day 303. Thankfully that did not happen but I was laying here wishing I was asleep. I couldn’t sleep because for whatever reason I am chilledContinue reading “distancing day 303 thoughts:”

distancing day 302 thoughts:

We procrastinated on a hike for Cub Scouts until today (due tomorrow) which meant that we were hiking in 20 degrees with snow on the ground and freeze your face wind. I don’t recommend procrastinating, but it was really beautiful out minus a very cold noses. We have hiked Paint Mines before in the summerContinue reading “distancing day 302 thoughts:”

distancing day 301 thoughts:

Our family grew today! (Well, for the next 4-5 months). Jerry’s cousin graduated from college recently and was looking for things to keep her busy until grad school starts in the late spring/summer and I knew just the thing to keep busy… all dem kids. She agreed to come live with us and help meContinue reading “distancing day 301 thoughts:”

distancing day 300 thoughts:

The 300th day should be ceremonious or something, but it was full of laundry and cleaning and feeding people like every other day. I guess that’s the part about COVID that is so bizarre. These days it’s normal life but, like, harder. It’s also normal life, but easier in some very specific ways I guessContinue reading “distancing day 300 thoughts:”

distancing day 297 thoughts:

I listened to an e-book and chored and schooled. Still didn’t do laundry. I did scrape Rice Krispy cereal off of 1394 bowls. I bent back 3 fingernails trying to pry the little cement assholes off the bowls and have stabbed myself under my thumb and index fingernails on both hands. There was blood andContinue reading “distancing day 297 thoughts:”