distancing day 158 thoughts:

1. I walked 15.5k steps INSIDE MY HOUSE today. Yes. 15 THOUSAND. 15,588 steps to be precise. That’s how many steps I walked every day that we were at Disneyworld in 2018. At least then I was getting to rides and meet characters and stuff. Today was just basic keep 4 kids alive maintenance. ForContinue reading “distancing day 158 thoughts:”

distancing day 150 thoughts:

Language warning tonight. I can’t be bothered to care. 1. Colorado and I are going to fight. It was 9 freaking 5 today. There was no breeze and I think the sun itself was having a less miserable day. I like heat but it’s like the middle of August… can we not? Also, my kidsContinue reading “distancing day 150 thoughts:”

distancing day 149 thoughts:

1. The kids and I skeedaddled over to Dollar Tree this morning and made it rain Washingtons. I don’t even know what all it is that we got, but I can think of few better places to go to shop when you just want to be not at your house. I got a dollar (item),Continue reading “distancing day 149 thoughts:”

distancing day 146 thoughts:

1. Today was not my favorite day and then I just got a NewsBreak notification that mobile Whataburger is coming to Colorado Springs. I don’t know what mobile Whataburger is and I don’t care what it is but I will be in line in a beekeeper suit made of self-sterilizing silicon to get a WhataburgerContinue reading “distancing day 146 thoughts:”

distancing day 139 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and empowering lyrics about women. I spent from 730 this morning to 230 this afternoon all by my big girl self conquering the 89,000 pieces of my birthday present from my parents. Ta da! This baby does EVERYTHING. Everything! I tell you. I have missed weight lifting soContinue reading “distancing day 139 thoughts:”