distancing day 21/sip day 9 thoughts:

3 full weeks at home. It’s going to feel weird when we are able to go out and about as we please again, ya? 1. You know how when you’ve been gone for a while and you come back home you can like smell your family’s stank conglomerate? I usually do some serious adjusting firesContinue reading “distancing day 21/sip day 9 thoughts:”

distancing day 19/sip day 7 thoughts:

1. Y’all. Somebody needs to come over here and snatch my wax out of my amateur aesthetician hands. I can’t stop waxing and pretty soon I’m gonna have eyebrows like chubby Christian Aguilera. I’d love my early 2000s body back, but not my eyebrows. SOMEBODY, I AM BEGGING YOU, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF! If youContinue reading “distancing day 19/sip day 7 thoughts:”

distancing day 18/sip day 6 thoughts:

The most productive thing I did today was wax my chin hair. Satisfying, yet unrefined. THE call was made about school today. I am a sad bunny. As soon as I read it, I became immediately EXHAUSTED. I got all caught up on sleep for the first time in 10 years and leave it toContinue reading “distancing day 18/sip day 6 thoughts:”

distancing day 17/sip day 5 thoughts:

Today was a rollercoaster. Not like a Six Flags rollercoaster where it’s scary, but you’re almost certain you won’t die. I’m talking the kinda rollercoaster built by 3 toothed carnies with a meth problem and seatbelts held together by electrical tape. The kids’ first unofficial lesson of the day was the art of panicked cleaningContinue reading “distancing day 17/sip day 5 thoughts:”

distancing day 16/sip day 4 thoughts:

I heard that social distancing got extended to April 30th today. This is fine. Everything is fine. I think that means that my kiddos won’t be going back to school for the remainder of the year. I don’t know how I feel about this- I’m leaning towards really, exceptionally shitty. The one thing that IContinue reading “distancing day 16/sip day 4 thoughts:”