distancing day 279 thoughts:

I owe you all a proper update. I’ve been too tired to function the last couple nights. That’s not to say I’m not exhaustion today, but a promise is a promise. The limo ride was a ton of fun. I really thought Laurel would crap out 30-45 minutes into the ride, but she made itContinue reading “distancing day 279 thoughts:”

distancing day 275 thoughts:

I started the day with snaking a drain and ended the day in a limo. Just another day in the life. Tonight, I will leave you with some pictures of the birthday limo ride.

distancing day 268 thoughts:

Today was a very Monday-y Monday and while I approve this message, I disapprove of Monday sucking ass. The one happy thing that happened today was we booked Laurel’s birthday party. We are in the middle of a pandemic, so her birthday party consists of a limousine ride to look at Christmas lights. She gotContinue reading “distancing day 268 thoughts:”

distancing day 141 thoughts:

1. Welp. Time for the birthday recap. For starters, we “Drewed” the shit out of canoeing. We planned on having a picnic lunch at the beach so I had to basically pack an entire pantry’s worth of food: chicken salad, pretzel rolls, a cut up watermelon, a box of chip bags, box of sour gummies,Continue reading “distancing day 141 thoughts:”

distancing day 56 thoughts:

1. Life tips by Meagan: Don’t walk your very cute baby dog when your clothes are covered in cavatelli dough. People will stop you because your dog is adorable and you will be standing there talking to them with booger looking globs of dough all over you. 2. Speaking of appearances, I am acquiring 1Continue reading “distancing day 56 thoughts:”