distancing day 52 thoughts:

1. I’m making a prediction that the middle of June we will be back to normal (at least for a little while) but with masks… perhaps even bedazzled masks if we feel so inclined. I will feel inclined. Before I can go out in public, Clinton and Stacy are gonna have to get resyndicated andContinue reading “distancing day 52 thoughts:”

distancing day 50 thoughts:

50. FIFTY. Fitty. Fif-ty. Yuck. 1. It simultaneously feels like it’s been FORRRRREEEEEEEEVVVVEEER, but also 50 days. Wow. That was fast. I’m very thankful the school portion is over for the summer only because it just takes some of the pressure off. I will be really interested to see how this week goes with theContinue reading “distancing day 50 thoughts:”

distancing day 49 thoughts:

Easy like Sunday morning is not a thing. Easy like Saturday morning is totally a thing. The rhythm isn’t as nice, but easy like Saturday morning is way better. Trust. 1. We didn’t do much of anything today besides spend time together. The girls and I took Winnie on a few walks. When I walkContinue reading “distancing day 49 thoughts:”

distancing day 48 thoughts:

School is out for summer and we played today and we ate chocolate cake and we spent time together. It has been a great day. 1. It’s super windy outside, but, also, I want to eat all the candy. I love the environment so instead of letting my candy wrappers blow all over, I keepContinue reading “distancing day 48 thoughts:”

distancing day 47 thoughts:

Day 47 got me out here like Drake because I am in my feelings. Tomorrow is the last day of Mommy Crisis School. We will take a week or two to get some distance from this emotional disruption and then we will dip our toe in Mommy Summer School work. I’m sure there will beContinue reading “distancing day 47 thoughts:”