distancing day 45 thoughts:

Today has been a marathon- likely like any marathon I’d ever run- I just want it to be over. I’m tired and I’ve been tired since I woke up. Winnie is tired today too. 1. I don’t know what it is about this week but everyone seems to be struggling. Perhaps it’s the very unceremoniousContinue reading “distancing day 45 thoughts:”

distancing day 44 thoughts:

Today is the first day of Safer At Home. I’m not even sure how things are different now. But, ehhhh, let’s slap a new name on it and do the dang thing. 1. I started the morning getting VERY bad news that my dishwasher pods were not available through my King Soopers order. I allowedContinue reading “distancing day 44 thoughts:”

distancing day 43/sip day 31 thoughts:

I haven’t gone this many days in a row without makeup since I was an infant. 1. How come every time I eat anything in my house someone is staring at me? My kids have a designated snack cabinet, access to every thing we have in the whole house, and, yet, whatever I decide toContinue reading “distancing day 43/sip day 31 thoughts:”

distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:

Hey there sports fans! It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week. F-U Friday! 1. The morning started as all Friday mornings start: with a couple cage matches and ended with UFC 249. Sorry I didn’t get the word out so you could PayPerView in time, but the card changed to just kid 1 vs kidContinue reading “distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:”

distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:

1. This has been the longest day of my entire life. Ok, maybe not as long as some of the days when Jack and Clara were both toddlers and just wrecking shit all the live long day, but loooooong. It’s day 40 and I’m pretty sure we have firmly established that I’m not going toContinue reading “distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:”