distancing day 344 thoughts:

Drill Sergeant Momma got everyone up and at em this morning to head to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science even though it was like the only time any one of these chirren has ever tried to sleep in and it was all of them. Since there was no breakfast and no coffee, weContinue reading “distancing day 344 thoughts:”

distancing day 342 thoughts:

I took my laundry to fold and fluff today after a whole ass day of waiting around for the guy who said he was going to pick it up to text me 8 minutes after he was to arrive to tell me he wasn’t allowed to pick it up on a military installation. NFS, asshole.Continue reading “distancing day 342 thoughts:”

distancing day 337 thoughts:

So. Much. Noise. Clara said they’re “house crazy” and I think that’s an accurate assessment. They’re in the house and they’re crazy. Baby Jesus please send us warm weather so I can send the kids outside to burn off some of this energy. Please. PLEEEAAASSSEE. I did laundry today and watched some more 600-lb lifeContinue reading “distancing day 337 thoughts:”

distancing day 332 thoughts:

Today is our anniversary! We got married over our lunch break at the courthouse when we were at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Jerry, very sweetly, wrote a nice status on Facebook about our anniversary. I was a little shooketh when I read it because that’s super unlike him. He was trying to speak theContinue reading “distancing day 332 thoughts:”

distancing day 330 thoughts:

Some of you may remember when my mom said she was thinking about a Christmas present but “it may be illegal.” Turns out it was a massage and illegal was a weird way to say it but also- I do believe they were illegal at some point. We finally went and got our Christmas illegalContinue reading “distancing day 330 thoughts:”