distancing day 149 thoughts:

1. The kids and I skeedaddled over to Dollar Tree this morning and made it rain Washingtons. I don’t even know what all it is that we got, but I can think of few better places to go to shop when you just want to be not at your house. I got a dollar (item),Continue reading “distancing day 149 thoughts:”

distancing day 120 thoughts:

1. Bless the rains. The sky looked like it wanted to just fall out and start over around 1230. We never did get a ton of rain, but we did get just enough cloud coverage and sprinkles to cool off Colorado Sahara. We ain’t built for 97 degrees with 40% humidity out here. You mightContinue reading “distancing day 120 thoughts:”

distancing day 119 thoughts:

1. This is gonna be short because I’m upstairs in bed ALONE and watching Married at First Sight Australia and eating popcorn. The kids are all camping out with Jerry, my hero, my love, the sacrificial lamb. I know the kids won’t make it the whole night but I’m gonna live it up in thisContinue reading “distancing day 119 thoughts:”

distancing day 69 thoughts:

1. I ate popcorn for supper because I’m 36 and you can do things like eat popcorn for supper when you’re 36 because there is nobody to stop you. You can also make run on sentences whenever you want because it’s summer break and you don’t have to use your brain in the summer orContinue reading “distancing day 69 thoughts:”