distancing day 24/sip day 12 thoughts:

Guess we are still doing this then, huh? 1. I have been doing some very scientific research of asking people for their opinions on how/when this is going to end. The general consensus is DEFINITELY through the summer and PROBABLY into the next school year. This is fine. Everything is fine. I can’t even pretendContinue reading “distancing day 24/sip day 12 thoughts:”

how do you halloween?

…or do you halloween? we celebrate, but we don’t go all out.  i might could get behind lightin’ it up around here, but i don’t have energy for all of that. a few years ago, i straight up punted carving pumpkins to my husband.  i am fully in support of festive shit, but carving pumpkinsContinue reading “how do you halloween?”