distancing day 283 thoughts:

I’ll be honest. I’m seriously thinking about stopping my daily updates on day 300. Some people are getting the vaccine and I hope life gets back to normal at some point. But, then again, I’ve heard that it could be this summer before the gen pop is able to get the vaccine and I knowContinue reading “distancing day 283 thoughts:”

distancing day 280 thoughts:

I spent 5 hours assembling Christmas presents today. Christmas Eve Meagan is going to love today Meagan big. It’s not very often I look out for future Meagan but I did it today. I’m glad I did too because Clara’s present was damaged and Amazon customer service was the WORST. Usually Amazon is all overContinue reading “distancing day 280 thoughts:”

distancing day 279 thoughts:

I owe you all a proper update. I’ve been too tired to function the last couple nights. That’s not to say I’m not exhaustion today, but a promise is a promise. The limo ride was a ton of fun. I really thought Laurel would crap out 30-45 minutes into the ride, but she made itContinue reading “distancing day 279 thoughts:”

distancing day 275 thoughts:

I started the day with snaking a drain and ended the day in a limo. Just another day in the life. Tonight, I will leave you with some pictures of the birthday limo ride.

distancing day 273 thoughts:

I finished my Christmas and Birthday shopping today whether I actually finished it or not. The kids didn’t leave me a lot to work with because 2 of them said they didn’t need/want anything and one of them asked for a pool and a Chuck E Cheese sized carousel. Even if we weren’t limited toContinue reading “distancing day 273 thoughts:”