distancing day 272 thoughts:

It did snow today and I rather enjoyed looking at it out of the window. I’m still not feeling overwhelmingly festive, but we have all the baking supplies for all of our favorite Christmas cookies on deck. By the end of the weekend, I’ll either be holly jolly, exceedingly fat, or both. We watched theContinue reading “distancing day 272 thoughts:”

distancing day 271 thoughts:

The email app on my phone has looked like I had a 4 unread emails all day even though I have none. The fact that I am not writing this from a padded cell is proof enough that miracles do happen. I can’t make any promises about tomorrow. The kids got up and started playingContinue reading “distancing day 271 thoughts:”

distancing day 267 thoughts:

I don’t know who needs to hear this but there is Christmas trap music and it slaps. Today was a lovely Sunday that was productive without feeling chore oppressive. There might have also been a nap. I don’t feel guilty about it one bit though because Clara had a bad dream at 345 and shoutedContinue reading “distancing day 267 thoughts:”

distancing day 266 thoughts:

Christmas shopping day! Whoohoo! Up until about 12 pm today I had not one single gift for my kids or husband. Jerry and I managed to get probably 1/2 of the shopping done today and I’m feeling much better. Whew. We both agreed it’s kinda hard to get in the Christmas spirit- what with theContinue reading “distancing day 266 thoughts:”

distancing day 265 thoughts:

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life tonight for the first time in my adult life (perhaps life life because I can’t remember ever watching it all the way through). It was just what I needed tonight. Today was an interesting day filled with all the twists and turns that the Army loves to gift usContinue reading “distancing day 265 thoughts:”