distancing day 261 thoughts:

Today I got all the things done with time to spare. The Monday vibes were feeling more like Friday vibes and I was here for it. I have GOT to get to the grocery store or we are gonna be eating tuna, peanut butter, and leftover mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow night. I tried shoppingContinue reading “distancing day 261 thoughts:”

distancing day 258 thoughts:

We got our Christmas tree today and it was great fun. We always enjoy going to the Christmas tree nursery but this year was extra wild because we decided to get a surprise tree. What is that? Well, I’ll tell you. The nursery puts 20 or so trees out at a time on stands andContinue reading “distancing day 258 thoughts:”

distancing day 248 thoughts:

If you think toddlers are fun: just wait until they know everything AND they start taking your shoes. I can handle one or the other, but not both. Listen, listen my beloved children. If you can’t find your own tennis shoes, why on earth would I want you to wear mine and lose those too?Continue reading “distancing day 248 thoughts:”

christmas recap

Since we were done opening early, the kids had lots of time to just PLAY. I ignored all of my chores and I played too. I took many many many many many many dolls to the long-overdue mommy hair salon. I beybladed. We built legos and wrote in our new journals and did trivia on the echo dots and just, generally, had a great day of enjoying each other.