distancing day 295 thoughts:

Another day of living la vida loca or whatever it is that Ricky Martin swiveled his hips to back in 99. We Spring cleaned some more and I went to the grocery store for pickup (and to run in for staples and duct tape to keep the back of our vacuum cleaner from falling off).Continue reading “distancing day 295 thoughts:”

distancing day 110 thoughts:

1. The last two days I have been running on FUMES by the time Jerry gets home from work. Nothing is particularly overwhelming in a day, it’s just like 11 hours of mom, mommy, momma, mom, momma, mommmmyyy, MA!, mom, momma, mommy, mom mom mom MOM, moooooom, mommy, momma, MOM-MUH will wear a person down.Continue reading “distancing day 110 thoughts:”

distancing day 93 thoughts:

1. We are getting close to 100 days of distancing. Clara has designated herself the party planner for the social distancing 100 days party. It will just be us and maybe our bubble people. Clara is fired up about party planning and I’m no George Banks so ask and she shall receive… except ponies. WeContinue reading “distancing day 93 thoughts:”

distancing day 56 thoughts:

1. Life tips by Meagan: Don’t walk your very cute baby dog when your clothes are covered in cavatelli dough. People will stop you because your dog is adorable and you will be standing there talking to them with booger looking globs of dough all over you. 2. Speaking of appearances, I am acquiring 1Continue reading “distancing day 56 thoughts:”