distancing day 259 thoughts:

Today we decorated the tree, took family pictures, and watched Johnny English. A great family day! It was Red’s year to put the angel on the tree or at least that was our best guess. The year we got a tree that basically touched the ceiling, we let Jerry do the honors because he wasContinue reading “distancing day 259 thoughts:”

distancing day 258 thoughts:

We got our Christmas tree today and it was great fun. We always enjoy going to the Christmas tree nursery but this year was extra wild because we decided to get a surprise tree. What is that? Well, I’ll tell you. The nursery puts 20 or so trees out at a time on stands andContinue reading “distancing day 258 thoughts:”

distancing day 257 thoughts:

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our besties house! Maybe the best one yet- COVID be damned. I can say with certainty that it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. The Traeger/grill combo FTW! It was fall off the bone tender. We dug through and got the biggest turkey they had at Costco andContinue reading “distancing day 257 thoughts:”

distancing day 256 thoughts:

I was horizontal most of the day. The kids played nicely downstairs and I decided that resting sounded awesome after the marathon that was yesterday. I went upstairs with the intention that I would hang out there until the kids came and got me and they never did. So, I watched a show from startContinue reading “distancing day 256 thoughts:”

distancing day 255 thoughts:

It’s 615 and I’m just sitting down today since 8 this morning. I am le tired. The new school platform we are using allows the kids to be independent much more than before. They school themselves pretty much with oversight from me and that gives me lots more time to do things like sweep forContinue reading “distancing day 255 thoughts:”