distancing day 311 thoughts:

Jack finished his year worth of math today. It was supposed to take 6 weeks and was a compressed course, but we’ve been working on it since the end of October a little bit at a time. He was very proud. I let him pick dinner tonight and he picked waffles. I felt like IContinue reading “distancing day 311 thoughts:”

distancing day 175 thoughts:

Today is not going to top yesterday’s adventures, so I feel like I should be really upfront and let you know today will probably be pretty boring. It does not involve any fire breathing dragons, shoddy architecture, or road trips. Today was a pretty standard Saturday without much flair for the dramatic. 1. My momContinue reading “distancing day 175 thoughts:”

distancing day 81 thoughts:

1. Laurel just asked me if we “could do lawnmower rides.” Oh. Honey. No. It’s not even a riding lawnmower. It’s just a regular push lawnmower and she wants me to ride her around the neighborhood like the Redneck Princess of Peterson. I’m more of the keep your hillbilly to yourself type, but it appearsContinue reading “distancing day 81 thoughts:”