distancing day 190 thoughts:

1. This weekend didn’t feel too weekendy. Yesterday I did laundry all the live long day. Today I was working on more laundry and my dryer wouldn’t shut. I had to go full inspector gadget trying to figure out why. It was because the lint trap wouldn’t go all the way down which was keepingContinue reading “distancing day 190 thoughts:”

distancing day 189 thoughts:

1. I woke up feeling under the weather. But you know what doesn’t care? I’ll tell you what doesn’t care. Laundry. A month of homeschooling creates this mess: 6 hours and my entire will to live later, I got all the laundry done. The state of affairs caused by my lack of laundry discipline madeContinue reading “distancing day 189 thoughts:”

distancing day 187 thoughts:

1. Today was a better day. It might be in part to the Dutch Bros. that I bribed me with to force myself to get cracking this morning. I bought some stuff off Teachers Pay Teachers pre-coffee to drive home some of the learning we did yesterday that was a little deer in the headlighty.Continue reading “distancing day 187 thoughts:”

distancing day 186 thoughts:

1. Some days schooling is like magical unicorns. Some days schooling is like magical sandwiches of crap… you just gotta eat it no matter how rough it is going down. Today we all choked down a crap sandwich. All days can’t be winners. Everyone was just a little “off” this morning. They were super distractedContinue reading “distancing day 186 thoughts:”