distancing day 324 thoughts:

School today was more painful than 1000 bee stings (and I’m allergic). Hyperbolic? You and I wish. The kids are standardized testing in March and I need to review material with them before they take the test because they haven’t been working on grade level. Upon informing my children of the review period and whatContinue reading “distancing day 324 thoughts:”

distancing day 307 thoughts:

I am whooooped. Whooped. We have been out having a blast in the cold all day. And there is nothing that takes it out of you like the cold. We started out the day stopping on the side of the road to observe a herd of elk. After elk observation came breakfast at a cutieContinue reading “distancing day 307 thoughts:”

distancing day 306 thoughts:

Today was prepping for and driving to our trip. We brought WiWi with us and I’m actually super surprised at how great she did on the drive here. She was a little carsick at first but she didn’t yack and only dropped two certified stinkers. I wore our “just in case” muzzle on my braContinue reading “distancing day 306 thoughts:”

distancing day 280 thoughts:

I spent 5 hours assembling Christmas presents today. Christmas Eve Meagan is going to love today Meagan big. It’s not very often I look out for future Meagan but I did it today. I’m glad I did too because Clara’s present was damaged and Amazon customer service was the WORST. Usually Amazon is all overContinue reading “distancing day 280 thoughts:”

distancing day 258 thoughts:

We got our Christmas tree today and it was great fun. We always enjoy going to the Christmas tree nursery but this year was extra wild because we decided to get a surprise tree. What is that? Well, I’ll tell you. The nursery puts 20 or so trees out at a time on stands andContinue reading “distancing day 258 thoughts:”