distancing day 156 thoughts:

I spent the entire day just trying to organize my life for the rest of the month. I cleaned out fridges, ordered groceries, did laundry, made to do lists for the rest of the month, set some goals and, yes, I realize it’s August 17th. Better late than never. I’m now in bed at 737Continue reading “distancing day 156 thoughts:”

distancing day 135 thoughts:

1. Today started out like a scene from Jumanji. The kids were in terrible, horrible, no good moods. The TV was turned up to 85/100 and the kids were sure to make sure their personal volumes of anger were 90/100 so as to be heard. They were really struggling to get along when it cameContinue reading “distancing day 135 thoughts:”

distancing day 134 thoughts:

1. It was a good day. I hiked. I ate an Olive Garden salad and breadsticks. I got groceries. I took a nap. I got another walk. All in all, a really lovely day. It was going truly famously until Winnie bit the piss out of my finger (I think she just got me atContinue reading “distancing day 134 thoughts:”

distancing day 133 thoughts:

1. Boy, oh boy! I got to go to Trader Joe’s today and it was the best of times. I love Trader Joe’s so very much. My freezer is now super well stocked with meals for days when I don’t have energy/time to cook or, more likely, feel like cooking. Every other time I haveContinue reading “distancing day 133 thoughts:”

distancing day 131 thoughts:

1. We went on a walk this morning with our friends from down the street. That’s like a lot of kids to take on a walk and not all of the Drews were amenable to the whole one foot in front of the other portion of the day’s activities. At one point, some poor unsuspectingContinue reading “distancing day 131 thoughts:”