distancing day 250 thoughts:

250! Well, that’s rude. The children voluntarily educated themselves on the internet platform today while I checked things off my to-do list. I managed to get everything done except smashing the patriarchy, but I truly feel like that is a recurring event. I didn’t do any tidying yesterday on account of it being the greatContinue reading “distancing day 250 thoughts:”

distancing day 160 thoughts:

1. My kids gave me the old frazzle dazzle fresh out the gate this morning. Laurel wanted to earn some pokeys and so I sat down to help her. Meanwhile, in the den the world was burning. So much noise, so many people asking me questions at once, so much fighting. I was also tryingContinue reading “distancing day 160 thoughts:”

distancing day 142 thoughts:

1. Last night in my half asleep stupor, I yeeted a downstairs rocking horse that clippity clopped it’s way upstairs to beside my bed at the hands of one of my kids who clearly does not value all of my digits in the same way I do. I kicked Mr. Ed so hard he wasContinue reading “distancing day 142 thoughts:”

distancing day 72 thoughts:

1. My girls have the most beautiful hair when they let me brush it. The bad thing about child-maintained hair is that the front looks aight, but the back looks like a rat has been sucking on it. I just brushed hair after baths for 30 minutes while the girls bleated at me like angryContinue reading “distancing day 72 thoughts:”