distancing day 292 thoughts:

I think we all agree that 2020 has been a gong show. As someone who usually carries around a fair amount of existential dread (as sponsored by PTSD), I have decided that 2020 is the bad thing that I have been worried would happen. So, for all of you out there that, too, feel likeContinue reading “distancing day 292 thoughts:”

distancing day 285 thoughts:

What a beautiful, relaxing day. It took Jerry and me 10 years, but we finally figured out how to not have a huge mess of stressful crap to do at midnight. Bravo to us. It’s only 10 and not 11 because the first Christmas Jack was alive he was in the NICU. We went toContinue reading “distancing day 285 thoughts:”

distancing day 269 thoughts:

I don’t even know what to say. Today was one of those days where you’re like what the actual bad word (insert your favorite) is happening? And the universe goes – don’t worry about it but really you want to worry about it because it’s worth worrying about if you are a worrier. Which IContinue reading “distancing day 269 thoughts:”

distancing day 254 thoughts:

You ever have a day where everything takes longer than you expected and so you’re just scramble city? That was me today. We still had a really great day, but we were a disheveled hot mess for a better part of it. The kids knocked out their school work this AM with minimal Mommy interference.Continue reading “distancing day 254 thoughts:”

distancing day 142 thoughts:

1. Last night in my half asleep stupor, I yeeted a downstairs rocking horse that clippity clopped it’s way upstairs to beside my bed at the hands of one of my kids who clearly does not value all of my digits in the same way I do. I kicked Mr. Ed so hard he wasContinue reading “distancing day 142 thoughts:”