distancing day 130 thoughts:

1. This morning showed me that we are no longer equipped to make it out of the house early enough to be at school on time. After 130 days of a leisurely pace, Drill Sergeant Mommy had troops ill-prepared for movement. The old urgency that lit our butt fires is no longer there and myContinue reading “distancing day 130 thoughts:”

distancing day 123 thoughts:

1. In the interest of full disclosure: my emotions were all over the place today. I am so freaking tired of not being able to do anything with my kids really besides go on a walk- which they’re real real tired of. I feel guilty because I have gone in to stores that weren’t exactlyContinue reading “distancing day 123 thoughts:”

distancing day 54 thoughts:

I started off the day kinda grumpy. I mostly turned it around and then ended up grumpy again- but it was my fault. 1. Today is the day that family was going to start arriving for the great golden birthday/ballet production/First Communion extravaganza. I haven’t seen my family since December and I haven’t seen Jerry’sContinue reading “distancing day 54 thoughts:”

distancing day 50 thoughts:

50. FIFTY. Fitty. Fif-ty. Yuck. 1. It simultaneously feels like it’s been FORRRRREEEEEEEEVVVVEEER, but also 50 days. Wow. That was fast. I’m very thankful the school portion is over for the summer only because it just takes some of the pressure off. I will be really interested to see how this week goes with theContinue reading “distancing day 50 thoughts:”

distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:

Hey there sports fans! It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week. F-U Friday! 1. The morning started as all Friday mornings start: with a couple cage matches and ended with UFC 249. Sorry I didn’t get the word out so you could PayPerView in time, but the card changed to just kid 1 vs kidContinue reading “distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:”