distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:

1. This has been the longest day of my entire life. Ok, maybe not as long as some of the days when Jack and Clara were both toddlers and just wrecking shit all the live long day, but loooooong. It’s day 40 and I’m pretty sure we have firmly established that I’m not going toContinue reading “distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:”

distancing day 38/sip day 26 thoughts:

After the first half of the day, I am confident that I know exactly the stress level the Captain of the Titanic felt when there was a gaggle of violinist playing everyone out and only half enough life boats. 1. I did not sleep well last night but it wasn’t Winnie’s fault. I haven’t beenContinue reading “distancing day 38/sip day 26 thoughts:”

distancing day 36/sip day 24 thoughts:

I’m writing this laying down in bed while I shiver, so this might be a wild one tonight. 1. I woke up at 3 because I had a terrible tummy ache and decide that I should use the quiet for mental health and catch up on shows. I watched the last episode of The GoodContinue reading “distancing day 36/sip day 24 thoughts:”

distancing day 32/sip day 20 thoughts:

Today I’m feeling meh about carrying on this way for the foreseeable future. It’s feeling normal. And that’s weird. 1. I need some freaking person. Any freaking person to tell me WHY the 8 year old thinks it’s ok to come into the bathroom- where her mother is taking a bath- when on a ZoomContinue reading “distancing day 32/sip day 20 thoughts:”

distancing day 31/sip day 19 thoughts:

It’s been a full month of this no matter what month is your metric. Except January. Everybody knows January has 84 days. 1. Some of the kids felt up to Zoom meetings today. I have to wonder if there has been enough space between the stress of leaving early and now so that they feelContinue reading “distancing day 31/sip day 19 thoughts:”