distancing day 30/sip day 18 thoughts:

It’s snowy here. Snow is gross. Full stop. 1. I went for a walk today in the snow just because this is the way I have picked to self care. Self-care don’t care about snow. It was pretty cold but not so bad once I got going. I was going to try to walk forContinue reading “distancing day 30/sip day 18 thoughts:”

distancing day 29/sip day 17 thoughts:

Happy Easter! 1. The Easter Bunny had a Coronatine induced aneurism and brought playdoh. I believe she was thinking that the playdoh would keep the savages occupied since they’ve never been allowed to have playdoh at home before. Wrong. Or at least mildly wrong. I’m sure that grounding playdoh into the den carpet while IContinue reading “distancing day 29/sip day 17 thoughts:”

distancing day 28/sip day 16 thoughts:

We’ve been doing this for a full month now. I won’t dare say we seem to have gotten used to this because I know better and I’ve personally met Mr. Murphy. Still. Today was a good day. 1. I slept until 1030. WHAT!?!! And, I took another long walk today. I didn’t feel the needContinue reading “distancing day 28/sip day 16 thoughts:”

distancing day 26/sip day 14 thoughts:

I bet you thought I forgot. Ha. I did not. 1. This morning we enjoyed a relaxed and chill hourish before everyone set out to work on their various things. I was just sitting down and getting everything booted up when I yelled at everyone and nobody in particular “I HAVE TO POOPOO!!!! NOBODY TOUCHContinue reading “distancing day 26/sip day 14 thoughts:”

distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! It’s Fuck You Friday at my house. It’s not official or anything and I didn’t send out an Event invitation. I don’t even know how anyone can delineate one day from the next in this Groundhogs Day Hell, but my kids hate each other on Fridays. This weekContinue reading “distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:”