distancing day 231 thoughts:

It was a great Halloween. For the first time in 5 years it wasn’t so cold that we quit. I think this might have been the most fun trick or treating we’ve ever had- and it was a pandemic. So suck on that 2020.

distancing day 230 thoughts:

The McRib is coming back nationwide. I repeat. The McRib is coming back nationwide. This is not a drill. Really anything else I plan to write today is just filler because the McRib is the best news I’ve heard since 2012. The kids and I played “mad scientist” today and did science experiments all dayContinue reading “distancing day 230 thoughts:”

distancing day 117 thoughts:

1. Today started off like a cheaply made horror film. I was just minding my business in the shower and thought that I had lost a hunk of hair because I still shed like a cat in June in Georgia. NOPE. It was a GIANT spider and all her stupid spider babies. Jesus forgive meContinue reading “distancing day 117 thoughts:”

how do you halloween?

…or do you halloween? we celebrate, but we don’t go all out.  i might could get behind lightin’ it up around here, but i don’t have energy for all of that. a few years ago, i straight up punted carving pumpkins to my husband.  i am fully in support of festive shit, but carving pumpkinsContinue reading “how do you halloween?”