distancing day 180 thoughts:

1. My phone keeps autocorrecting “It’s Meagan” to “It’s a Meagan.” It’s so rude. I catch it most of the time but sometimes I don’t. I didn’t catch it tonight until I already sent my text, so that’s exciting: NEW CORE MEMORY! I’ll tuck that little Mario moment in right beside when I said “youContinue reading “distancing day 180 thoughts:”

distancing day 135 thoughts:

1. Today started out like a scene from Jumanji. The kids were in terrible, horrible, no good moods. The TV was turned up to 85/100 and the kids were sure to make sure their personal volumes of anger were 90/100 so as to be heard. They were really struggling to get along when it cameContinue reading “distancing day 135 thoughts:”

distancing day 128 thoughts:

1. For the better part of the morning my kids wanted nothing to do with me and I did all of the things… and I mean ALL THE THINGS. I swear that I have adult onset ADHD (I’m not joking about this) and COVID has taken it from like a 2 to a 25. IContinue reading “distancing day 128 thoughts:”

distancing day 127 thoughts:

1. We were triumphant over the trampoline construction today. All 4 kids worked on it too and it only took about 2 hours. I would like to send a letter to whoever packed those boxes because it was exactly as intuitive as I hoped and dreamed it would be. We did all the box 1Continue reading “distancing day 127 thoughts:”

distancing day 126 thoughts:

1. I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror today when I didn’t know a full length mirror was coming into my viewpoint. It’s not good, folks. It’s not good. I have always eaten my feelings but until Covid is over- my feelings are going to be all over the place, soContinue reading “distancing day 126 thoughts:”