distancing day 250 thoughts:

250! Well, that’s rude. The children voluntarily educated themselves on the internet platform today while I checked things off my to-do list. I managed to get everything done except smashing the patriarchy, but I truly feel like that is a recurring event. I didn’t do any tidying yesterday on account of it being the greatContinue reading “distancing day 250 thoughts:”

distancing day 224 thoughts:

I love car captivity. The kids can’t fight too much. I am forced to sit down and do nothing. We eat fast food crap for every meal which is the beeeessst until I turn into a salty bloated turnip and just start drinking water and planning a long bath with epsom salt to hopefully drawContinue reading “distancing day 224 thoughts:”

distancing day 81 thoughts:

1. Laurel just asked me if we “could do lawnmower rides.” Oh. Honey. No. It’s not even a riding lawnmower. It’s just a regular push lawnmower and she wants me to ride her around the neighborhood like the Redneck Princess of Peterson. I’m more of the keep your hillbilly to yourself type, but it appearsContinue reading “distancing day 81 thoughts:”