distancing day 66 thoughts:

Today is gonna be short because basically all I did was unsuccessfully try to keep my dog from peeing in the house. She has another appointment tomorrow for a follow up and I really hope she starts feeling better soon. It’s breaking my heart that she isn’t feeling well and it’s kinda draining me whichContinue reading “distancing day 66 thoughts:”

distancing day 63 thoughts:

1. I have zero to negative interest in seeing myself in the giant wall length bathroom mirror when I’m getting in and out of the shower. I’m definitely NOT wearing makeup, so there’s no need for a mirror at all. Do we think maintenance will come remove it for a few months? 2. Every nightContinue reading “distancing day 63 thoughts:”

distancing day 62 thoughts:

Imma tell y’all who the MVP of Coronatine is and that’s Face ID. Never not once have I gotten the message “I think that’s you but you’re fat AF, sis” Face ID just keeps unlocking my phone and letting me not input passwords for all my shopping sites despite the fact that I’m aggressively transformingContinue reading “distancing day 62 thoughts:”

distancing day 57 thoughts:

1. My hands can’t take all this hand washing y’all. I’ve always thought of myself as a clean person, but apparently I was not. After 8 weeks of vigorous hand washing, my hands look like they belong to the crypt keeper. 2. Clara got a sewing machine for her birthday. My mom and dad gaveContinue reading “distancing day 57 thoughts:”

distancing day 54 thoughts:

I started off the day kinda grumpy. I mostly turned it around and then ended up grumpy again- but it was my fault. 1. Today is the day that family was going to start arriving for the great golden birthday/ballet production/First Communion extravaganza. I haven’t seen my family since December and I haven’t seen Jerry’sContinue reading “distancing day 54 thoughts:”