distancing day 1.8 thoughts:

Listen. I am downstairs writing my blog post from my computer for the first time ever while I eat ice cream and think in run on sentences because that is just the kind of day that I have had. The first day back to school after Spring Break is always difficult but it is extraContinue reading “distancing day 1.8 thoughts:”

distancing day 225 thoughts:

It’s the day before we get back to life as usual and that means it’s the day that we must do all the things. The snow started much earlier than it was supposed to this morning and it didn’t make me as grumpy as I anticipated that it would. I wish we could have spentContinue reading “distancing day 225 thoughts:”

distancing day 151 thoughts:

1. It me, the lady with 29 children and PCOS. Welcome. And, yep, that’s the definitive diagnosis. I feel oddly vindicated. If you’re an avid reader of this here page of ramblings, then you know I have been telling my Drs for years and years and years that I have PCOS. Every doctor I’ve toldContinue reading “distancing day 151 thoughts:”

distancing day 132 thoughts:

1. My face permanently looks like Jeff Dunham’s Walter these days. I graduated from RBF at least 100 coronatine days ago and have slap given up on even trying. If I’m scowling, I’m scowling, at this point. It is what it is. 2. I had a slight curriculum meltdown today because the MBtP Facebook groupContinue reading “distancing day 132 thoughts:”

distancing day 91 thoughts:

1. Ok. I’d like to amend yesterday’s statement of missing the gym because I don’t only miss the gym. I also miss shopping at Goodwill for no reason other than I want to be at Goodwill and swimming pools. I miss other things too, for sure, but that’s my headspace today. I want to beContinue reading “distancing day 91 thoughts:”