distancing day 1.10 thoughts:

The kids took their mandatory standardized tests today. Whew. That’s one major thing off my stress list. I just have to submit their scores to our umbrella school and do the wash my hands of it motion. They did well and I’m relieved that I’m not a big, fat, stupid, crap hole of a teacher-Continue reading “distancing day 1.10 thoughts:”

distancing day 314 thoughts:

Are you ever just motoring along fine and boom! you’re just in a bad mood? I usually catch myself and ask myself why I’m acting like Danny DiVito. Like. Damn, Gina. Go eat a snickers! Jack out maneuvered me on his math work today. He was giddy but I’ve been saying all along that IContinue reading “distancing day 314 thoughts:”

distancing day 241 thoughts:

We are getting dangerously close to 250 here. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when I started writing but I’m pretty sure getting to 250+ wasn’t it. Maybe 60? That’s laughable now. Today was a day filled with household chores and boringness. I did manage to accomplish getting all the laundryContinue reading “distancing day 241 thoughts:”

distancing day 190 thoughts:

1. This weekend didn’t feel too weekendy. Yesterday I did laundry all the live long day. Today I was working on more laundry and my dryer wouldn’t shut. I had to go full inspector gadget trying to figure out why. It was because the lint trap wouldn’t go all the way down which was keepingContinue reading “distancing day 190 thoughts:”

distancing day 121 thoughts:

1. It’s 726pm. I just took my melatonin gummies so writing this is a race against the clock. If it starts to trail at the end, somebody text me tomorrow to see if I ordered anything strange this time. 2. The fact that I didn’t bust through the wall like the KoolAid man today isContinue reading “distancing day 121 thoughts:”