distancing day 46 thoughts:

This week has not been my favorite so far. I miss when things were sorta settled feeling- which was what? like a week ago? 1. If I could stop sticking my hands down my pants to adjust my underwear right behind Jerry when he’s on conference calls, that would be grrreeeaattt. You’d think I’d haveContinue reading “distancing day 46 thoughts:”

distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:

Hey there sports fans! It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week. F-U Friday! 1. The morning started as all Friday mornings start: with a couple cage matches and ended with UFC 249. Sorry I didn’t get the word out so you could PayPerView in time, but the card changed to just kid 1 vs kidContinue reading “distancing day 41/sip day 29 thoughts:”

distancing day 38/sip day 26 thoughts:

After the first half of the day, I am confident that I know exactly the stress level the Captain of the Titanic felt when there was a gaggle of violinist playing everyone out and only half enough life boats. 1. I did not sleep well last night but it wasn’t Winnie’s fault. I haven’t beenContinue reading “distancing day 38/sip day 26 thoughts:”

distancing day 31/sip day 19 thoughts:

It’s been a full month of this no matter what month is your metric. Except January. Everybody knows January has 84 days. 1. Some of the kids felt up to Zoom meetings today. I have to wonder if there has been enough space between the stress of leaving early and now so that they feelContinue reading “distancing day 31/sip day 19 thoughts:”

distancing day 22/sip day 10 thoughts:

The weekend has been fun. I got lots of grownup boring stuff done and I got lots of playing in too. 1. Today I *think* I learned some version of Dungeons and Dragons. My DM wanted to give me a leg up so he would ask me questions about my character, let me answer them,Continue reading “distancing day 22/sip day 10 thoughts:”