distancing day 200 thoughts:

You know what day 200 needs? Day 200 needs a flair of obnoxiousness to remind us that 2020 is the worst year in the history of years. This is what happened at my house today: I concede that was barely a third ass attempt- much less a half ass attempt- at covering up the identityContinue reading “distancing day 200 thoughts:”

distancing day 104 thoughts:

1. After the pencil sharpening drama this AM, I completely understand the appeal of the Ticonderoga pencil. I really, really do. Every pencil in our whole house decided to have a graphite malfunction. We had pencil leads falling slap out of sharpened pencils, pencils breaking in half, pencils with erasers chewed off. There were aContinue reading “distancing day 104 thoughts:”