distancing day 1.8 thoughts:

Listen. I am downstairs writing my blog post from my computer for the first time ever while I eat ice cream and think in run on sentences because that is just the kind of day that I have had. The first day back to school after Spring Break is always difficult but it is extraContinue reading “distancing day 1.8 thoughts:”

distancing day 166 thoughts:

1. We are in the stages of trail and error with our homeschool journey and some of today was all the error part. Marian needs lots of supervision/teaching and Clara needs support. Jack needs some teaching and Laurel needs whatever everyone else needs, but louder. I’ve been trying to school everyone at the same timeContinue reading “distancing day 166 thoughts:”

distancing day 125 thoughts:

1. My parents bought the kids a new trampoline since there is no Grandsir and Ma’am camp this year. The trampoline was supposed to arrive today, so at 3 when the UPS man dropped off one single box, we thought that was it. The box was only about 4 feet tall and maybe 2 feetContinue reading “distancing day 125 thoughts:”