distancing day 119 thoughts:

1. This is gonna be short because I’m upstairs in bed ALONE and watching Married at First Sight Australia and eating popcorn. The kids are all camping out with Jerry, my hero, my love, the sacrificial lamb. I know the kids won’t make it the whole night but I’m gonna live it up in thisContinue reading “distancing day 119 thoughts:”

distancing day 112 thoughts:

1. Today started at 1101pm last night because the dog had the crying jello pudding sharts… again. I let her in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out of the house for hours on end. She finally went out and wanted to stay out around 445. The good news is that I got to watchContinue reading “distancing day 112 thoughts:”

distancing day 96 thoughts:

1. Sometimes my body or my brain or God wakes me up and doesn’t let me go back to sleep. Sometimes (usually) it’s 3am. Sometimes it’s 1am because I think I hear the dog whining and I go sliding out the door and down the stairs like Kramer only to find a slumbering blob ofContinue reading “distancing day 96 thoughts:”