distancing day 1.22 thoughts:

Today is the last day I’ll be doing a daily update. As a consolation prize or reward or something: here’s a little sneak of the project I’ve been working on: It will *hopefully* be published by the end of the week assuming I’m not death warmed over tomorrow from my second vaccine today. I’ll includeContinue reading “distancing day 1.22 thoughts:”

distancing day 341 thoughts:

Jerry had to work at home for a little bit yesterday and he had a conference call. At one point he said “you’re coming in broken, Sgt (redacted), but I’m not sure why” and I shouted “CHILDHOOD TRAUMA!” before he had fully muted his mic. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be married toContinue reading “distancing day 341 thoughts:”

distancing day 326 thoughts:

It was a good day. Not all days are good days, but today was a good one. The sun was a shining and the weather was beautiful so we went for a hike. The kids ran freely and I was so thankful to be a homeschooling fam so that we could do things like goContinue reading “distancing day 326 thoughts:”

distancing day 265 thoughts:

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life tonight for the first time in my adult life (perhaps life life because I can’t remember ever watching it all the way through). It was just what I needed tonight. Today was an interesting day filled with all the twists and turns that the Army loves to gift usContinue reading “distancing day 265 thoughts:”

distancing day 212 thoughts:

Long day in the car. Nothing much exciting to tell about that part, but I did learn?ish? how to make shadow puppets. I almost could do all of Chicken Little but I couldn’t figure out Foxy Loxy. In happier news, we were going to be driving by my friend’s post so I sent her aContinue reading “distancing day 212 thoughts:”