distancing day 311 thoughts:

Jack finished his year worth of math today. It was supposed to take 6 weeks and was a compressed course, but we’ve been working on it since the end of October a little bit at a time. He was very proud. I let him pick dinner tonight and he picked waffles. I felt like IContinue reading “distancing day 311 thoughts:”

distancing day 310 thoughts:

I don’t wanna write today but it’s because I’ve been fighting off trauma memories all day. I have never been one to shy away from honesty so I’m just going to be honest even if it’s uncomfortable. I wrote my girlfriends group text today and asked them if they had ever had a “bad trauma”Continue reading “distancing day 310 thoughts:”

distancing day 309 thoughts:

We spent the day recuperating from our adventures. I knew we were a tired bunch but I didn’t realize how tired. We haven’t done much winter sporting and thus we didn’t have the stamina to be frozen to the bone for hours a day. It was still a super fun trip and much needed familyContinue reading “distancing day 309 thoughts:”

distancing day 308 thoughts:

Back home from our trip and too tired to write much. Saw Doc Holliday’s grave which was a mile uphill for some reason. Saw some bison. And now I see my bed.

distancing day 307 thoughts:

I am whooooped. Whooped. We have been out having a blast in the cold all day. And there is nothing that takes it out of you like the cold. We started out the day stopping on the side of the road to observe a herd of elk. After elk observation came breakfast at a cutieContinue reading “distancing day 307 thoughts:”