distancing day 185 thoughts:

The very first thing I did today was step on the plastic wrapper off of a Gatorade bottle (that one of my kids ripped off and threw down besides my bed because of course they did) and tried to shake it off my foot like it was an alligator all the way down the stairs.Continue reading “distancing day 185 thoughts:”

distancing day 182 thoughts:

I bet you thought I forgot. I did nooooot! I was out to dinner and just got home. 1. Today was a good day. I embraced the body as she is currently and went shopping for new jeans because… dun dun duuuuuun… winter is coming. Or already came. Or is here. Something. I tried onContinue reading “distancing day 182 thoughts:”

distancing day 166 thoughts:

1. We are in the stages of trail and error with our homeschool journey and some of today was all the error part. Marian needs lots of supervision/teaching and Clara needs support. Jack needs some teaching and Laurel needs whatever everyone else needs, but louder. I’ve been trying to school everyone at the same timeContinue reading “distancing day 166 thoughts:”

distancing day 163 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and other colloquialism that hype women up. I did it alllll today. Ain’t nobody as productive as a mom that’s house has every damn thing pulled out so it can be on a display like the junkiest bullshit museum of all time. I got the house clean, IContinue reading “distancing day 163 thoughts:”