distancing day 257 thoughts:

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our besties house! Maybe the best one yet- COVID be damned. I can say with certainty that it was the best turkey we’ve ever had. The Traeger/grill combo FTW! It was fall off the bone tender. We dug through and got the biggest turkey they had at Costco andContinue reading “distancing day 257 thoughts:”

distancing day 254 thoughts:

You ever have a day where everything takes longer than you expected and so you’re just scramble city? That was me today. We still had a really great day, but we were a disheveled hot mess for a better part of it. The kids knocked out their school work this AM with minimal Mommy interference.Continue reading “distancing day 254 thoughts:”

distancing day 251 thoughts:

Bad news. I’m running out of creative ways to say I cleaned my house and educated my kids and worked out. I actually did not work out today because I decided to eat popcorn and sit on my ass and watch TikTok videos. Self-care doesn’t always look like shoulder day. The rest of the dayContinue reading “distancing day 251 thoughts:”

distancing day 249 thoughts:

I kept everyone alive, fed, and educated today, but that’s it. The day started with me using DelMonte pears instead of weights because I only have 10# weights and I’m not trying rip any tendons or cartilage hulking out. I only accidentally flung the can of pears across the garage once and I’m considering thatContinue reading “distancing day 249 thoughts:”

distancing day 248 thoughts:

If you think toddlers are fun: just wait until they know everything AND they start taking your shoes. I can handle one or the other, but not both. Listen, listen my beloved children. If you can’t find your own tennis shoes, why on earth would I want you to wear mine and lose those too?Continue reading “distancing day 248 thoughts:”