distancing day 1.16 thoughts:

I’m trying to relax in the bathtub and my kids are wrestling outside in the hallway. I think it’s like fun evening activity wrestling and not non-consensual DDT off the ropes wrestling, but I’m naked so I’m not getting out to ask questions. Today I did some writing and some errand running. Nothing too exciting.Continue reading “distancing day 1.16 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.12 thoughts:

Jerry and I are at a marriage retreat at the Hotel Elegante. We’ve seen at least 4000 commercials for the Hotel Elegante and driven by it every Sunday since we moved here, but we’ve never been inside. Laurel fell asleep before her siblings and they were not niiiii (as baby Laurel used to say), butContinue reading “distancing day 1.12 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.10 thoughts:

The kids took their mandatory standardized tests today. Whew. That’s one major thing off my stress list. I just have to submit their scores to our umbrella school and do the wash my hands of it motion. They did well and I’m relieved that I’m not a big, fat, stupid, crap hole of a teacher-Continue reading “distancing day 1.10 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.8 thoughts:

Listen. I am downstairs writing my blog post from my computer for the first time ever while I eat ice cream and think in run on sentences because that is just the kind of day that I have had. The first day back to school after Spring Break is always difficult but it is extraContinue reading “distancing day 1.8 thoughts:”

distancing day 1.7 thoughts:

Today was date day. There was no Daddy/Daughter dance this year cause COVID sucks a hot one. However, I am on The Melting Pot’s email distro (because they were offering free food at some point and I love free food) and they sent out an email about Daddy/Daughter Date Day. I think I was inContinue reading “distancing day 1.7 thoughts:”