distancing day 158 thoughts:

1. I walked 15.5k steps INSIDE MY HOUSE today. Yes. 15 THOUSAND. 15,588 steps to be precise. That’s how many steps I walked every day that we were at Disneyworld in 2018. At least then I was getting to rides and meet characters and stuff. Today was just basic keep 4 kids alive maintenance. ForContinue reading “distancing day 158 thoughts:”

distancing day 156 thoughts:

I spent the entire day just trying to organize my life for the rest of the month. I cleaned out fridges, ordered groceries, did laundry, made to do lists for the rest of the month, set some goals and, yes, I realize it’s August 17th. Better late than never. I’m now in bed at 737Continue reading “distancing day 156 thoughts:”

distancing day 139 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and empowering lyrics about women. I spent from 730 this morning to 230 this afternoon all by my big girl self conquering the 89,000 pieces of my birthday present from my parents. Ta da! This baby does EVERYTHING. Everything! I tell you. I have missed weight lifting soContinue reading “distancing day 139 thoughts:”

distancing day 121 thoughts:

1. It’s 726pm. I just took my melatonin gummies so writing this is a race against the clock. If it starts to trail at the end, somebody text me tomorrow to see if I ordered anything strange this time. 2. The fact that I didn’t bust through the wall like the KoolAid man today isContinue reading “distancing day 121 thoughts:”

distancing day 106 thoughts:

1. We unboxed the curriculum today. Yippee Skippee! The big girls actually took an interest in it and they wanted to be the stars of the unboxing videos. (We put them on Facebook in case anyone is interested in what comes in a Moving Beyond the Page 2nd grade or 5th grade curriculum). Mari gotContinue reading “distancing day 106 thoughts:”